2018 Swazi 7th Challenge

On the 7th of each month in 2018, have rice & beans for dinner with your friends or family, and give the amount you would have spent on dinner to Wetsembekile Ministries.  Sign up below to get monthly emails with Swazi information, games, and activities!

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It's easy...

1.  Invite friends or family for dinner.
2.  Make rice & beans for dinner.
3.  Check your email for Swazi information,
     games, and activities.
4.  Eat dinner together & do some of the activities.
5.  Donate what you would have spent on dinner
     to Wetsembekile Ministries!

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All donations from the Swazi 7th Challenge will go towards the general budget of Wetsembekile Ministries.  All donations are tax deductible because Wetsembekile Ministries is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.